2.9.06 - thursday
dang, it's 2006. well, since the fans (nick and chrissy) want me to update the site, here you two go. [note that i use the term 'fan' very loosely]. i'm working on a new simple style, and checking out different programs so it's not just lame bitmapness. so, for now, i give you a sketch in photoshop elements and a preview of what's to come... i guess. don't get your hopes up.

practice sketch
another monster

12.5.05 - monday
nothing of note except for a letter to the senator.


11.22.05 - tuesday
howdy howdy howdy. i've finally gotten a real, live, functional guestbook up and running. don't mind my random test post; go ahead and drop me a note if you feel so compelled. i would ask you to leave donations as well, but a way of donating is pretty nonexistant, and this webhost is free. never ever ever ever send me donations, no matter how hard i beg. but if i'm not begging, i don't mind at all. anyone who reads this, freewebspace.com is pretty much the coolest free webhost in the universe. sign up for their service. be a man.

new portrait. don't know what it is with me and drawing people's faces... one of these days they'll look realistic.
until that day, i give you these types:

top o' the morning - a portrait of an unknown irishman


11.14.05 - monday *the resurrection!*
wow. it's been a long time. this is my base page now (xb-tech booted me. freewebspace will forever be my friend!), and it holds my web design portfolio, as well as new, outside-the-box drawings. sorry to say, i've abandoned douglas robot... for now. he'll be a side project for a while. so here you go: enjoy some newness.

"we are only mortal."
"dude, you're doing it all wrong."

and a portrait:
motion city soundtrack
[in progress][complete]


4.8.05 - friday
i apologize for the long wait... i really am working on the page. i've been doing so much studying and reading and whatever else i can do, it's insane. never studied this much for anything else, and i'm trying to make the site as cool as i can... sorry for the wait. i hope when it finally arrives it'll be cooler than this one... i'll have screen shots up soon... but you can see the main theme on the front page... "my evil plan to save the world" hftw v2.0 :D
i'm going to not use any tables at ALL... (crazy, no) and do everything with CSS... i guess we'll see how it turns out... later!


3.8.05 - tuesday
sorry, no more pictures today. i have been working really hard on getting the new design done (still a while to go), and found some useful information on
using CSS for mouseover effects
instead of javascript. it's so easy, and i could have figured it out if i really tried. oh well, it's nice having someone else find it out for you. so yeah, you can click here to see some more stuff i've done... it's basically an update of the previous image i posted. it looks really cool in my mind... just getting it onto the wizzywhig! (heh, i know that's not how you say it... it just sounds cool) also, i found out why my HTML wasn't validatable... because of the counter on my site... it puts javasscript coding outside of the <HTML>...</HTML> tag, and the validator doesn't like that... so i'll have to think of some other way to do that. my CSS verified though *proud*, and besides the little JS anomaly my HTML is validatable...
HTML Validator
CSS Validator


3.5.05 - saturday
long day today. not much to add, still working on the new design. you can see some of the concepts (just a small portion of what i have in mind) at this link
(revamp idea). it is a .png so not everyone will be able to view it... sorry. you will be able to se the finished version when i am done :) i will keep updating this site as i work on the revision, so keep coming back... all two of you. heh. three more drawings...
"vroom. vroom. i am a car."
"i'm trapped in the 80's... but i don't mind."
"my being tall does not mean i like basketball."


3.2.05 - wednesday
bouncing around ideas in my head. you can read what i have for my novel so far at this link. some new drawings... in a different style. much smaller and smoother. some revamping is coming soon, with different site sections...
"destroy. divide. the dark inside."
"i wanted to be famous, now i want to take it back."
"you think we're happy... but we're not."

2.1.05 - tuesday
i haven't been updating this site very frequently due to lack of visitors, homework, and my current attraction towards drawing on paper... and i've been aspiring to write a novel... a lot of prep work so far, but more aspiration than perspiration so far... you can check my xanga for daily updates of my life (if you're interested), but i have only one drawing to offer you few and faithful visitors:
"i'm going insane"

1.26.05 - wednesday
i've been experimenting with doing drawings in adobe photoshop™, so i have a test scrawl here for you to look at. do you like the transparency thing at all? i might just make smooth (non-MSpaint) drawings from now on... oh well. so here it is. the title is a description of my week :)
"i'm going insane"

also, the number of visitors to my site has come to a screeching with the the advertising being taken away... i hope there were a few out there who liked my drawings and would continue to come back...

go ahead and check out http://home.att.net/~mattspace/ if you're looking for a laugh. VERY cool idea...
oh snap, i didn't know this was still on here, but go to http://hftw.freewebspace.com/poetry.html... heh.


1.15.05 - saturday
hey i finally did the drawings.
like i said i would. two days ago. nothing else really happening... so here are they:
"stage dive"
"monsters in the sky"


1.13.05 - thursday
**EDIT** drawings coming soon...


1.10.05 - monday
hi. i have a forum up... you asked for it (at least one guy did) and i thought it might be cool, so it's up. you can go to it by clicking on the "forum" link down below. you have to register in order to post things though... and for the drawings... here they are. i just made them right now, so they're hot off... the... thing. and ok, so i lied. i only have two. sorry.
rawingsdae: (drawings)
"you look bigger on television"
"are you going to eat that?"


1.9.05 - sunday
hello, sorry for not updating this for a while... i don't have any drawings as of yet (although i have sketches of them on paper) because i just came back from san diego... again. heh. i will have more drawings up hopefully by tomorrow. i'll give you guys three or four. but i have to go. catch you later!


1.5.05 - wednesday
here i am again. it's good to see people enjoying the site.
i came up with about 13 different ideas while i was in san diego, (most of which i think are good), and i hope you like them too. i'm going to make more banners for those of you who wish to link to my site, but for now, here is the next round of ideas:
"i can't do anything right"
"i think you have something of mine"

also, i had to widen the drawing frame by 7 pixels so i could fit the "i think you have something of mine" title inside it. i fixed it, and it looks good. just thought you might want to know... not that anyone cares.


1.2.05 - thursday
thanks for all the entries. someone mentioned that my drawings are a rip-off of explodingdog.com
. all i ask is that you people look through this web page completely. i explain all of this in the FAQs section. that's what it's there for. also, happy new year everybody! and some people were wondering whether i did this design myself or if i used a template; to clear everything up, i made this all myself. nothing on here is template. i create all my own stuff...
that being said, here are the drawings for today:
"aren't you glad i didn't say banana"
"i never meant to hurt you"


12.30.04 - thursday
hi everyone. no drawings posted right now, although i have some in the works. yes, yesterday was my birthday (i'm 15... i mean... 51...) and now i'm leaving to go to my grandparent's house. like literally right now. so yeah. i have ONE drawing right now... i'll work on ideas while i'm gone. thanks for all the comments in the guestbook!
keep on rockin for the kids...

"do you not see the sign, sir?"

also, if you want to send me a drawing suggestion (as in a title) that would be cool. you can either e-mail it to me, or if you don't have e-mail you can leave one on a guestbook entry. later!


12.25.04 - saturday (christmas day)
merry christmas! hope you have a good day... and if any of you were curious, yes, it's ok, you can sign the guestbook. in fact, i encourage it. please sign the guestbook!!! i sorta want to know who's visiting the site... the link is at the bottom of the page, just in case you were wondering.
"merry christmas from hftw"
"rar. my arms are long"


12.23.04 - thursday
hi. at 5:17:33 PM PST i reached 700 hits. i'm blown away. people besides me actually visit... how cool... no one ever really visited before. i have a guestbook up so if you want to sign that, be my guest.
here are the drawings:
"that robot can dance"
"hi-liter wars"


12.22.04 - wednesday
hey everyone. good news! my site was chosen for site of the month in the "my site rocks" contest! cool stuff, i'm tellin ya. and since i have this honor i figured i had better update the page, so i have two new drawings for you.
"i've been given superpowers"
"global warming revealed"

have a merry christmas!


11.24.04 - thursday
ok. so it's been a really long time. you get more than two drawings this time. i've been spriting metal slug graphics, so i'll probably have some of that up here soon... someday. i fixed some coding bugs... should be good now. check out nerdypants' website in the links section.
"don't hurt yourself"
"i'm in love with the operator"
"you're no monster..."
"you want to go with me?"
"can you hear me now?"
"what's that huge bright one?"
"two hundred and ten"

11.5.04 - friday
homeschool magic mountain day today. cranked out a few more drawings. here they be. i'm going to do 2 drawings each time i update now.
pics of the day:
"old school football"
"all is lost, captain dan"

11.4.04 - thursday
got my marine bio test results back. b minus is what it's all about... did some drawings... i'll post two... there was one earlier drawing that i forgot to post. it's called "all my hopes and dreams".
pics of the day:
"yes, it's natural" and
"my life is in jeopardy"

11.3.04 - wednesday
george bush won the election. and there was much rejoicing.
pic of the day: "zombie nation"

11.2.04 - tuesday
happy election day! go george w. bush! also, rk cd comes out today. go to mmhmm.com to find out about it.
pic of the day: "i wear a lot of hats"

10.31.04 - tuesday
merry 'ween. i will do pixely drawings from now on.
pic of the day: "my heart is on my sleeve"

10.21.04 - thursday
i made another banner so you can advertise me.
sorry, no new picture...

10.18.04 - monday
i drew another picture. props to angie. my leg is red with pain.
pic of the day: "my napkin is naked"

10.09.04 - saturday
did stuff... made new drawing... ran into a door.
pic of the day: "my espresso gave me butterflies"

10.08.04 - friday
added 'FAQs', 'about me', and 'poetry sections'. ate food. tired.
pic of the day: "leave me alone"

10.07.04 - thursday
drawing added, iframes made, design finished, world saved. check, check, check, and check.
pic of the day: "i told you so..."

10.06.04 - wednesday
new drawing. site uploaded. need i say more.
pic of the day: "happiness is..."

10.05.04 - tuesday
thought up site. drew pictures. brainstormed. took marine biology exam. got an 89.
pic of the day: "in case there is any confusion"